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Strong Black Coffee

from Sampler by Minas - Orlando and Patricia



A humorous but passionate song about coffee. The track features percussion by Cyro Baptista and bass by Gerald Veasley


Strong black coffee, dark and sweet
This aroma just can’t be beat
Fresh beans tempt me in the sack
There’s no way I can hold myself back
Sippin’ this nectar teases me so
It hisses through my pores, makes my blood flow
Wakes my senses, opens my eyes
Lingers on my lips, makes me sigh.

Mm-Mm-sweet as can be
Sweeter than the kiss of the honey bee
Darker than night, bitter with a bight
Hot and sweet and out of sight
Grind, grind, that coffee down
To black golden powder, pass it around
Fill your nostrils with sweet aroma
Oh no! Think I’m in a coffee coma!

Put a little sugar, put a little cream
Add some cinnamon, add some steam
A twist of lemon gives a tropical zing
Thick liqueur- sure to make you sing
Café au lait, espresso, cappuccino
Enough to make your synapse go bingo!
Put a little sugar, put a little cream
It’s so good gotta let out a scream!

When you’re feelin’ kind of blue
Don’t you fret shoo-bee-doo-bee-doo
Strong black coffee will make you high
Ripple your skin, make your brain fry
Bug your eyes out 52 inches
Contort your body, make your toes winches
Send you to Mars, spark some stars
In excess, cause psychedelic horrors!

Strong black coffee, night or day
In any old cup or on a silver tray
Arabica, Arabica, Canephora
Sayin’ these words is total euphoria
Bright red beans turn dark and brown
You know any day I'll worship your ground
Strong black coffee, bitter-sweet
In my cup of dreams, you’re the ultimate treat!


from Sampler, released January 1, 2016
Music by Orlando Haddad, lyrics by Patricia K. Haddad © Blueazul Music, BMI




Minas - Orlando and Patricia Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Minas (Orlando and Patricia) takes Brazilian and American roots to create a sound that is fresh and innovative, from ballads tinged with melancholic traits of Blues and Choro, to Folk coasting on the subtle coolness of a Bossa Nova pulse, to upbeat Sambas elaborated with instrumental jazz improvisation, scat singing and whimsical whistling. ... more

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